Permanent Chastity For Slave Caged

Mistress Goddess Alanna slave caged’s owner and controller. has decided that slave will be permanently locked in chastity forming a better slave and servant for Goddess’s needs and wishes. permanent chastity will allow slave caged to focus on Goddess’s absolute pleasure and amusement forever. slave caged has no rights, is forbidden to choose or decide. slave has no choice but to accept it;s fate as an obedient owned and totally controlled slave and property.

Accepting it’s Rightful Place

slave caged has spent the last two and a half years (2 / 3 / 2015 to present) locked in a steel chastity cage. slave has been trained to accept it’s status as nothing more than a lowly slave by Mistress Goddess Alanna. Goddess as slave refers to her, trained slave so well slave begged to sign a lifetime contract of total slavery and submission to Goddess forever. totally of slaves own free will.

Known as a Slave

slave caged wishes all it’s friends knew it was a chastity slave, kept forever locked in a steel chastity cage, plugged / dildo’d at all times for Mistress Goddess Alanna. slaves friends should be made aware that slave has been owned and totally controlled by  Mistress Goddess Alanna since 1 / 4 / 2015 .when Goddess took full possession of slave as her property forever. slave signed it’s total surrender into total slavery that day.  almost a month later slave was commanded to take out it’s steel chastity cage, upon inspection, slave was commanded to put the cage on and destroy the key slave was informed by Goddess that slave would be caged for one full year  starting on  this date 2 / 3 / 2015. on the one year anniversary, slave asked if it were going to be released. slave was informed that Mistress Goddess Alanna, would release her total slave and property, only if and when Mistress Goddess Alanna  so desired. slave caged till this day has not been allowed neither orgasm nor release.